I got vanished in the middle of nowhere by a vindictive teenager?

“Wonky Andi”
Season 1, Episode 15
Wa.1x15 42309
Air Date

October 26, 2015

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Johnny Hartmann


Arturo Manuitt

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Wonky Andi is the fifteenth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


While Andi and Leo drift into the bad realm on a raft, Ruby creates a copy of Andi; the WIT's start training for the Magic Melee.



  • Ruby, Emily, and Ethan made a copy of Andi, who is attracted to everything shiny.
  • Leo and Andi find a hut and soon get trapped in it.
  • Luke tries to tell Andi he doesn't want the competition to get in the way of their friendship.
  • We learn Kim's last name in this episode, and that all of her family members have flunked out of the academy.
  • At the end of the episode, Jessie and Ben figure out that the copy of Andi isn't her, and that she's missing.
  • Ethan feels left out of the loop, so Emily explains half of what's going on to him.


Ben: Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?
Jessie: You mean Cameron drooling over Ruby? He always does that.
Ben: No, the Dyad tree. It's healthy, strong, and the realm is safe...all because of me.
Jessie: And me.
Ben: True, but the Chosen One didn't call on you personally to help her heal the tree.
Jessie: Where's the old Ben? The anxious Ben? The nervous Ben? The I'm allergic to everything Ben? I miss that Ben.
Kim (coming up to them): Have you guys seen Andi? She didn't sleep in out dorm room last night.
Ben: Oh no, do you think something happened? I can't get a new guardian now! I'm just starting to become well adjusted.
Jessie: There's the old Ben; good to have you back.
Andi: Never say can't to a Cruz.
Leopold: You know, maybe you would make a pretty good guardian.
Andi: To the Chosen One?
Leopold: Don't get ahead of yourself. *pause*
Andi (after hearing voices): What, was that?
Leopold: A cursed witch, an evil warlock, or it could be a phantom spell. We're about to find out.
Harris: Check me out! I'm about to get pitted in this gnarly wave!
Kim (to Harris and Sienna): Will you guys stop goofing off! *softer* Sorry, but, we need to pull ourselves together. Take five.
Ruby (walking up to her): Don't worry. When you fail out of the academy, you can always open a gear shop.
Kim: Last time I checked you name was below mine on the board.
Ruby: A temporary setback. I've been a little preoccupied this term.
Kim: So have I, my first roommate was a total drama queen but, that's over now, and I'm gonna win the Magic Melee no matter what.
Ruby: Or, you'll end up just like everyone else in you family; failing to graduate from the academy. I guess yu could say it's a, family tradition.
Kim: This is exactly why I moved out of our dorm. *she leaves*


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