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“Witch Hunt”
Season 1, Episode 11
Witch Hunt
Air Date

October 20, 2015

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Johnny Hartmann


Arturo Manuitt

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Witch Hunt is the eleventh episode W.I.T.s Academy.


The mysterious intruder reveals himself to be Leopold Archer, Luke's uncle; Andi reconsiders dating Luke after his wits tell her that they were the reason he was trying to woo her; Andi finds the perfect object to make her shield triumph beyond the rest with her amulet.



  • The mysterious intruder is revealed to be Luke's uncle, Leopold Archer.
  • Andi agrees to go on a date with Luke.
  • Andi puts her Guardian amulet on her shield.
  • The shield is shown to look like a shark, a clear reference to Andi's time being a part of the Iridium Sharks Swimming Team back in Every Witch Way.
  • Sean and Gracie admit they used a wooing spell on Luke.
  • Leopold is upset that Luke is friends with someone who wants to be the Chosen One's guardian, and worse, is attracted to her.
  • The phrase "we shall forever be guardians" is used again.
  • Ruby gets hit by her own docile spell and turns nice.
  • Luke misses his date with Andi.
  • Leopold calls Agememnon "Mike," to which Agememnon replies, "Be careful, we do not want to confuse the students."


Emily (confused): What are you doing?
Andi (hiding under the table): Hiding from Luke; he's trying to woo me into going out with him. What if he tries serenading me with a romantic song or something?
Ethan (amused): That would be so embarrassing.
Emily: Hey, Luke! Andi's over here.
Andi (to Luke): Hey, sorry, uh lost a contact lens.
Ethan (actually concerned): Oh no, did you find it?
Luke (quietly): Hey, Andi, I'm really sorry about yesterday, but you have to understand. The flowers and all that stuff, it wasn't me.
Andi: Sure looked like you, but then again, my eyesight is pretty bad.
Leo Archer (interviewing students): So, I hear you're new to the academy. Where were you living before huh? *laughs, then becomes serious* In Limbo?
Jessie: No, in my dad's house; it's complicated.
Leo Archer: Have you ever used, a forbidden spell?
Ruby: How could I, I don't have any powers.
Leo Archer: What's your favorite subject?
Luke (whispering): Is this part of your secret mission?
Leo Archer (in a low voice): Have you ever broken any rules?
Sean: Let's see..*starts counting*
Leo Archer: When did you say you started at the academy?
Ben (scared): Am I in trouble?!
Leo Archer: What's your favorite color?
Gracie (sassy): You ask a lot of questions mister!
Leo Archer: Where did you steal that necklace?
Kim: I didn't steal it, I made it. Look, it's a little tiny flashlight!
Leo Archer: Do you have any secrets?

Emily: No.

Leo Archer: Oh great; I'll see you in class.

Andi (walking up to Luke): You call that a guardian's shield? It kinda looks like a kitchen tray from the cafeteria; you know, I think there's still some pizza sauce on it.
Luke: Now you wanna talk? The Preliminary Shield tests start at any moment.
Andi: There's nothing to say. *pause* You really surprised me when you asked me to go out, you know. *Luke puts his head down* And, I love surprises! You know, like in Zombie Apocalypse 3, when the giant zombie spider jumps out at your face! *nervously laughs* Awesome surprise!
Luke: I don't play those type of games.
Andi: I know you don't.
Ruby (walking up to Andi): Emily told me what happened.
Andi (saddened): Look, now's really not the time.
Ruby (sarcastically): Oh, I'm sorry. When would be a good time to discuss that you put my WITS in danger?
Andi: Oh, that. Ethan thought it was cool.
Ruby (exploding): Ethan thinks earthquakes are cool, and nosebleeds, and explosions!
Andi: Kid's got taste I'll give him that.
Ruby: I was gonna take my time, but I am done with you, Andi Cruz. I'm not gonna fight you anymore.
Andi (sarcastically): You're not? Aww, but I was just getting into it!
Ruby: NO. I'm gonna make you docile, sweet, easy to control.
Andi: Yeah, how you gonna do that? One of your little spells? Please! Your little magic bluff didn't work the first time what makes you think- *sees Ruby do her spell casting move* Okay so I see you worked on your act.


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