You will go out with me, Andi Cruz.
~ Luke to Andi

“Who's My WIT?”
Season 1, Episode 10
Who's My WIT
Air Date

October 19, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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Who's My WIT? is the tenth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


The Guardians receive a new shield-building assignment, but are partnered with different witches-in-training; Luke tries to woo Andi while under a spell.



  • It says Luke, Gracie, and Sean on the board when Gracie and Sean's pictures aren't in the same order.
  • The most challenging assignment at the Academy is a magic-repelling shield that's created by magic.
  • Agamemnon assigns the Guardians new WITs for a week.
    • Luke has Kim's WITs: Harris and Sienna
    • Andi has Ruby's WITs: Ethan and Emily
    • Kim has Luke's WITs: Gracie and Sean
    • Ruby has Andi's WITs: Jessie and Ben
  • Sean and Gracie put a wooing spell on Luke, thinking it will make Andi agree to going out with him.
  • Jessie and Ben complain to Cameron that Ruby is pushing them too hard and making their shield a bit too violent.
  • Sienna and Harris tell Kim about Luke's sudden change of behavior.


Andi: Okay, I guess we need to pick a design.
Emily: How about this? (picks up a small wooden square)
Andi: That's not really a design.
Emily: No it is; this is how big your shield should be.
Andi (catching on): Oh, because it's so small it wouldn't protect me at all. *serious* I get it. Do you remember when Aggy said that point will be handled individually for this assignment?
Emily: Yeah, so?
Andi: So, if my shield doesn't work, we all fail.
Ethan: And we also get no points.
Emily: Fine.
Andi: If we all do well, we all take the points back to the teams we know and love.
Ethan: C'mon Emily, it'll be fun. For this week, we're Team Extremo-Supremo.
Andi: Unfortunately, that's already taken. How about the one-week club?
Emily: One week, that'll feel like a year.
Ruby: Come on, guys! This will all pay off when I'm on the perch of victory staring down.
Ben: How does that pay off for us?
Ruby: You can say you were apart of something great, Glen.
Ben: *looks around* Who's Glen?
Cameron (coming in with a spa set): Spa time!
Ruby: What?
Cameron: Well, I thought you guys were working so hard that a little spa treatment to calm your nerves would go a long way. Who wants cucumber water?
Jessie & Ben: I do! *they walk over to Cameron*
Ruby: Cameron, I appreciate what you're trying to do-
Cameron: Then you're gonna love this. Nail polish: calm your toes with tranquil rose. Lavender aerobic therapy. *inhales it*
Ben: Lavender is really soothing.
Cameron (stopping Ruby from talking, again): A waterfall footbath! Calming chamomile? And last but not least, the 100 most soothing Native American flute songs, of all time. *plays them*
Ruby (pausing the music): Cameron what are you doing?
Cameron (truthfully): You're being to hard on them Ruby. You need to take a step back, get a little perspective.
Ruby: Nobody understands what I'm trying to do! *she leaves, angry*
Ben: We're gonna need a lot more lavender.
Gracie: Luke, how'd you come up with that design so fast?
Luke: Well, it wasn't easy, but Harris and Sienna are very talented. *pauses* Wait, how'd you know we had to come up with out shields so quickly? *Sean and Gracie exchange nervous looks* (to Harris and Sienna) I'll catch up with you guys.
Gracie: I'm sorry. I felt so bad that Andi didn't want to go out with you, we put a spell on you.
Luke: You?
Gracie: I thought if you were more romantic-
Luke: So that's why I was acting crazy all day. Harris and Sienna could've fail the day; I could've failed today.
Gracie (sadly): I'm sorry, I was just trying to help.
Luke: You're a very powerful witch Gracie, but you have to be more careful with your magic all the time.


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