Lately, I've been noticing that a few people are adding character relationships that are not even confirmed yet and some also assume that one is an antagonist and so as the other (I'm not pointing fingers).

Wait, let's go through these topics one by one.

1. Character Relationships (Enemy, Good Friend, Frenemy, etc.)

WITS Academy doesn't start until October 5th so please don't add these types of relationshops into their profile unless it's a valid one (ex. Luke's crush on Andi, Jessie & Andi's frenemy relationship, Andi, Jessie, and Ben are teammates, etc). And I'm not just talking about romantic relationships, even just friendly relationships.

And to whoever put “former roommates”, the show hasn't even started yet.

2. Character Role

It's already obvious that Andi Cruz is the main protagonist on the show. Ruby is showing hints that she might be the antagonist (though it's a little too obvious now) but we didn't even get an introduction on the other characters yet so it's best that we don't judge them right now. Just because Cameron seems a little bossy, it doesn't mean he's an antagonist.

TL;DR? Bottomline, the show does not start until October 5th. That's a week from now. Let's not assume character relationships and roles as they may give the wiki's viewers the wrong information. Giving out wrong information is something we try to avoid as they can also confuse people.

Let's just add information about these topics when the show comes on or unless they say so in the sneak peeks or trailers as they are great sources. Saying that you have a friend that works for WITS Academy is not a valid reason as there can be plenty of lies roaming around the internet.

I'm sorry if I seemed bossy in this post but I just had to get the word out.

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