These templates are for Administrators only. You will get a warning if you use these templates and you're not an admin.

Place these templates on a user's message wall. To use them, put the code on their wall and fill in the information required.

Text Result
Please do not add content to articles without a Reliable Source, as you did to [[{{{1}}}]]. Your edit has been Reverted. Please review our policies. --{{{2}}}
Please do not post rude/inappropriate comments in the comment section. If it continues it will result in a block. Please review our policies.
{{Unconstructive|page name|signature}}
Your recent edit to [[{{{1}}}]] appears to be Unconstructive, and has been Reverted. Please make constructive edits in the future, and review our Policy. --{{{2}}}
Your recent edit or comment to [[{{{1}}}]] appears to be spamming. Please make constructive edits in the future to help make this wiki better and review our policy. or you could be blocked from this wiki. --{{{2}}}
Your recent edit to [[{{{1}}}]] has been identified as Vandalism, and has been Reverted. Do not vandalize again, or you will be Blocked from editing. Please review our Policy. --{{{2}}}
Your attitude towards [[User:{{{1}}}]] is bad for the atmosphere of this wiki. Be friendly and try to get along with them, or you will be Blocked from this wiki. Please review our Policy. --{{{2}}}
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