I tinker when I'm stressed.
~ Kim to Luke

“The Witch's Bottle”
Season 1, Episode 16
Air Date

October 27, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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The Witch's Bottle is the sixteenth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Jessie and Ben team up with Luke and his WITs to bring Andi back from exile; Ruby uses fake Andi to frame the real Andi for the Dyad tree crisis.



  • The Bad Realm border is shown in this episode.


Man on cassette tapes: If you're listening to this, you've already realized that there's no way out of here.
Andi: That's it?
Man on cassette tapes: Sorry, I wanted to give you a moment for that to sink in. My name is Corby the Wizard.
Leo Archer (recognizing him): Corby?
Andi (after pausing the tape): You know this jokester?
Leo Archer: Knew. He disappeared years ago; no one ever heard from him again. *unpauses tape*
Corby: I would've never stopped off at this shack. I had known it was a trap designed to imprison me long enough for my powers to be drained by bad witches. I'd like to welcome you to...The Witch's Bottle.
Andi (repeating it): The Witch's Bottle?
Corby: I don't want to say escape is impossible, but I spent ten years here and *laughs* escape is impossible.
Andi (sarcastically): Yeah, way to keep the hope alive, Corby.
Corby: And whatever you do, when the Caretaker comes, make sure-oh no he's here!! *the tape cuts off and Andi walks over to the box of tapes*
Leo Archer: What are you looking for now?
Andi: Another tape; maybe the sequel has a happy ending.
Ruby (sitting down in the cafeteria with her WITS): Solid day of training. But, if we want to get off the bottom of the board, we have to win the Magic Melee. That means, more reps.
Ethan: My legs are tingling and they feel like jelly.
Ruby (being positive): That's the tingling of victory.
Ethan: Or the crushed peanut butter and jelly sandwich I had in my pocket. *Emily and Ruby making faces*
Ruby: You probably need a proper cooldown, and anew pair of pants *Ethan gets up and runs to his dorm* Walk it off. *to Emily* Is he keeping quiet about the tree sap?
Emily: He hasn't said a word to anyone.
Ruby (pleased): Good, let's keep it that way.
Emily: What is Andi comes back, and she rats on us?
Ruby: Oh, stop worrying. We don't even know where she is and we're the ones who put her there.
Emily (feeling a bit guilty): Do you think she's okay?
Ruby: If there's one thing I can say about Andi, it's that she's resourceful. And I would say that to her face but, oh wait, she's not here. *takes a bite of Ethan's crushed PB&J* Get that away from me, will you? I think it just winked at me.
Leo Archer (referring to the cassette tapes they found): Nothing. All these have been erased.
Andi (standing up): Hey! I was just getting into that.
Leo Archer: What are you doing now?
Andi: Oh, strengthening the beacon. If we can't get out of here ourselves, let's make it easier for someone to find us.
Leo Archer: How do you do that?
Andi: I reconfigured the amps so the semaphoric indicator is 50 percent stronger.
Leo Archer: Impressive; I'm beginning to see why Luke likes hanging out with you.
Andi: Well he's got a really funny way of showing it.
Leo Archer: Has he done something wrong?
Andi: No, I just...he had asked me out, I said no, he kept asking, I finally said yes, and then he just, didn't show up.
Leo Archer (surprised at what Andi said): That's rude.
Andi (defending Luke): Well, he was distracted; it was the day of the preliminary shield tests. But still, not cool.
Leo Archer: Ah, I think that might've been my fault. I, uh, strongly suggested Luke work of his shield that day.
Andi (realizing): So you co-stood me up?
Leo Archer: Does it help knowing that I now realize that time with you isn't wasted? *chuckles* You're a strong, smart person, from whom even an old Guardian set in his ways can learn from.

Andi (touched but still sarcastic): You are pretty old, but thanks!


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