I have magic powers?
~ Ruby

“The Root of All Evil”
Season 1, Episode 3
Air Date

October 7, 2015

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Johnny Hartmann


Arturo Manuitt

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The Jinx


Hide and Go Hex

The Root of All Evil is the third episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Ruby is determined to find the room with the magical sap; Andi copies Luke's teaching method.



  • Ruby uses her new powers in this episode, but she later finds out that she needs the sap to recharge them.
  • Hex has a crush on another magic book.
  • Ruby & Andi can't enjoy the rest of the Guardian's dinner.
  • Andi starts to copy Luke's technique.
  • Ben injured himself from doing an exercise.
  • Luke felt sorry for Andi and Ben.
  • Jessie uses her powers to heal.
  • Ruby, Ethan, and Emily steal Hex to try to find the roots room.
  • At the end of the episode, Andi finds out leaves from The Atrium are falling off, meaning Ruby has already done something bad.
  • Ruby steals Kim's goggles.


Ruby: Sounds like you two go way back.
Andi: What makes you say that?
Ruby: Agamemnon knows exactly what a pain you are.
Andi (stepping towards her): You want to know what a pain is?
Ruby (turning to face her): Yeah. You're not so tough without the Chosen One looking after you, are you?
Andi: For your information, I was the one looking after her.
Ruby: Carrying her books like some kind of sidekick?
Andi (angry): How about I give you a little side kick?!
Ruby: How about I turn you into the pesky little fly that you are and swat you?
Andi (stifling a laugh): Whatever, it's not like you have magic powers.
Ruby: *trying to cast a spell* Andi's acting like a brat, turn her into a rat!
Andi (after Ruby's spell didn't work): Ha! Right. Nice bluff.
Ruby (genuinely puzzled): Why didn't it work?
Andi: You can't bluff me into thinking you have magic powers. Nice try though. *walk away*
Ruby: I don't understand. *wipes some sap off her dress* It's the tree sap. I need to get back into that room.
Andi: Oh! Carry on. Yeah, didn't mean to your uh, yoga lesson, sensei.
Luke: That's okay; we always warm up before casting spells. They evenly distribute our energy across our bodies; helps control the magic.
Andi (trying to show off): Oh yeah, yeah! We do that too, don't we guys? *referring to Jessie and Ben*
Jessie (playing along, while stretching with Andi and Ben): Yeah. Andi's totally into uh, energy distribution body, stuff. Ah, nothing like, stretching, before casting a bunch of spells.
Andi: Anyway, um, we're jut gonna practice here today.
Luke: Great; we'll be over there, at the Green.
Andi: Oh, no no that's what I meant. Yeah we'll be practicing over there, at the Green.
Sean (to Luke): You're letting them follow us?
Gracie (also to Luke): What if the copy our moves?
Luke: I'm counting on it. Let's have some fun with 'Team Suprem-o.
Luke: I wanted to apologize to you.
Andi: Oh, for what? Your rude behavior when we first met? Your snarky remarks in the cafeteria? Or, for generally being a pain in the butt?
Luke: My WITS and I, well we knew you were copying us. So, we made it a little harder on you, maybe a little too hard on Ben.
Andi (impressed): Well played Preppy. But hey, my WIT, my responsibility, right?
Luke: You know, you're pretty tough yourself.
Andi: Well, thank you; I take that as a compliment. *pause* That was a compliment, right?
Luke: Yes, but you don't have to be. You know, not always.
Andi: Okay don't get too soft on me; doesn't suit you. I mean, it's not as bad as those, preppy shirts you always wear, but it's pretty bad.


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