Ugh! Evil never sleeps.
~ Andi to Kim, about Ruby

“The Jinx”
Season 1, Episode 2
Wa.1x2 1214513
Air Date

October 6, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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The New Guard


The Root of All Evil

The Jinx is the second episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


The WITS complete their first test; Ben struggles with the second challenge. Samantha and her Wits face surviving elimination.



  • Samantha and her WITS help get Jessie out of the portal she created.
  • The students complete their first test.
  • Samantha gets expelled.
  • Ruby gets powers from a magical sap from a place Ethan sent her to.
  • Ruby begins a rumor about Andi being a jinx.
  • Jessie has trouble with the next challenge and won't cooperate.
  • Kim is Andi's new roommate.
  • It's revealed that Cameron has a crush on Ruby.
  • Mia is mentioned in this episode, though not by name.
  • Ethan and Emily help Ruby by casting spells to make people think it is Andi.
  • Ben begins hanging out with Luke and his team.
  • Andi admits that she believes Jessie will be a great witch, which is accidently broadcasted throughtout the whole school, after the monitor is left on.


Agamemnon (seeing Andi come into his office): Miss Cruz I know what you are going to say so you can toddle right back up those stairs.
Andi: I don't understand why Samantha has to be expelled.
Agamemnon: You know the rules, and they knew the rules.
Andi: We would've been hurled into some kind of future vortex if it wasn't for Samantha and her WITS. Can you deduct points for me?
Agamemnon (appalled): Absolutely not! Your students completed the spell they were assigned, for the most part; it would be unfair to them.
Andi (stressing): I'm trying to find some kind of middle ground-
Agamemnon (cutting her off and raising his voice): There is no middle ground. Samantha and her WITs shows incredible bravery, but unfortunately their destiny does not involve this academy.
Andi (yelling): But that's not fair!!
Agamemnon: SOMETIMES DESTINY IS NOT. Maybe the next time you foolishly let a spell get out of control, you'll remember this. As a guardian, your actions have consequences.
Ruby (innocently): You wanted to see me?
Cameron (entering her room): I did? I mean I did! Yes! Earlier today, Ethan was, left unattended, and was obviously using unwieldy magic to-
Ruby: I'm sorry, it's just my other WIT, Emily, had a bit of a tummy ache, so I had to take her to the nurse.
Cameron (touched): How kind, and maternal of you.
Ruby (playing along): They're my little responsibilities!
Cameron: Well, if you just, tell Ethan to be a, tad bit more careful, I'd really appreciate it.
Ruby: Of course. So, enough about them, let's talk about you!
Cameron (clearly nervous): Me?! Well I'm just preparing for the beginning of the year Guardian dinner. *serious* You're coming, right?
Ruby: I don't know. Will Andi be there?
Cameron: Probably. *steps towards her* What's wrong?
Ruby: They say she's a, oh forget it. *turns away from him.
Cameron: No, tell me!
Ruby: They say she's a jinx. What if something bad happens?! *she hugs him*
Cameron (ecstatic): *whispers* I'll protect you. *normal voice volume* Besides, the guardian cake is amazing, it's Agamemnon's favorite. *Ruby struggles with releasing herself from the hug*
Ruby (flirty): Then I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Luke: Nice speech; hope it helps.
Andi: What speech?
Kim (walking up to them): The whole academy heard you sing Jessie's praises at Agamemnon's office.
Andi (a bit aggravated): Is that why they're whispering this time.
Luke: Nah, most of them still think you're a jinx.


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