The Atrium is a place in W.I.T.s Academy. The Dyad Tree grows throughout the entire school and controls magic of the Magic Realm. The Dyad Tree sits in the center of the Atrium. The Atrium is where students receive their team challenges. The Tech Kiosk is located here where WITS and Guardians in training receive their class schedules and meetings on their phones.


  1. Ruby, Emily, Ethan
  2. Luke, Gracie, Sean
  3. Arturo, Leslie, Bernie
  4. Will, Maya, Tim
  5. Vittoria, Ginny, Joseph
  6. Kim, Harris, Sienna
  7. Shelly, Beau, Callum
  8. Nickol, Roisin, Ash
  9. Andi, Jessie, Ben
  10. Samantha, Sophie, Jack


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