You call your book Hexie?
~ Ruby, amused, to Andi

Season 1, Episode 5
Air Date

October 9, 2015

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Johnny Hartmann


Arturo Manuitt

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Switcherooed is the fifth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


When Ethan opened the Switcherooed bottle it make him and Emily switch bodies. Andi, Ruby, Luke and all their witches-in-training must work together to reverse the switcheroo spell on Ethan and Emily; Ruby has everyone fooled by getting them to help.



  • Ethan grabs the Switcheroo spell.
  • Ethan and Emily (the twins) switch bodies.
  • The four guardians work together.
  • Andi vows to get Jessie's powers back.
  • Ruby and Andi make a deal.
  • Andi is put on chore duty.
  • Luke is awarded a spell-amplifier.
  • Ruby collects the sap, therefore ruining everything.
  • Luke makes Ruby promise not to steal anything else and Andi not to use her magic book on assignments if he agrees to help them.
  • Jessie tells Andi about a nightmare she had, where a witch was after her.


Andi: I'm sorry Agamemnon took your powers away.
Jessie: I don't blame him, it's all your fault.
Andi: I deserve that.
Jessie: You made me do the healing spell.
Andi: And that.
Jessie: You're like the worst guardian in the world, in both worlds. I wish I never saved you from that orb thing at Iridium High.
Andi: Not deserve that.
Jessie: You're my guardian; you're supposed to look after me. I'm gonna find someone who does.
Andi: Like who?
Jessie: My brother. He'll understand. Agamemnon took his powers before and he got them back.
Andi: You're going to see Jax?
Jessie: At least he cares. *takes her suitcase and heads for the door*
Andi: Jessie, wait! Please don't go home; I care. I messed up, okay. But, we were doing so well; I really thought we could win this one. Give me a chance to make it up to you.

Jessie: How?

Andi: I will get your powers back.
Jessie (anxious): How?!

Andi: I have no idea.

Jessie (seeing Andi with Ben coming to her lunch table): You better have my powers on that tray.
Andi: I'm working on it. *she gets up and leaves*
Ben: I guess I'm you favorite WIT.
Andi (hopeful): Am I your favorite guardian?
Ben (awkwardly): I can't commit to that.
Luke (sarcastic): We're adding rude to the list?
Andi: Well if you don't listen to me, we can add violent and unreasonable too. *pause* Wait, there's a list?
Ruby: We need your help.
Luke (concerned): What's wrong, guys?
Ruby: Your WITS need to cast a spell from Andi's magic book for us.
Luke: Whoa, wait, what? You have a magic book?! That's gotta be against academy regulations.
Andi (sarcastically): Add it to the list.


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