Hey, a promise is a promise.
~ Andi to Jessie after getting her powers back

“Sparring Partners”
Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date

October 14, 2015

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Johnny Hartmann


Arturo Manuitt

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No Pain, No Gain

Sparring Partners is the seventh episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Coach Foiler arrives and gives Andi a hard time; Andi works to get Jessie's powers back; Ruby finds an unlikely magic coach in Emily.



  • Andi got her arms turned to rubber by Coach Foiler.
  • Jessie and Andi almost hug for getting her powers back.
  • Luke stopped the coach from casting a spell on Andi.
  • Jessie seeks revenge on Emily after getting her powers back.
  • Andi encourages Ben to be himself.
  • Emily helps Ruby with new powers.
  • Agamemnon tells Cameron to reinforce the rule of no magic in the Atrium so no harm will come to the Dyad tree.
  • Luke asks Andi to be his sparring partner to train for the fitness exam.
  • Luke and his WITs (Gracie and Sean) return in this episode.


Andi (to Kim, about Coach Foiler): Don't let her intimidate you; I know the type. The key is to be prepared for anything she throws at you. *horn blows, startling them both*
Coach Foiler: No talking!
Kim (quietly): Weren't ready for an air-horn, huh?
Andi (whispering): Totally not ready.
Coach Foiler: Name?
Andi (meekly): Andi Cruz.
Coach Foiler (checking list of names): Mmmm, transfer from Iridium High. So, you went to school with the Chosen One?
Andi: Oh yeah; Emma's my homegirl. *chuckles*
Coach Foiler: This is my home, girl. And in here, you're nothing but a witch without powers.
Andi: Well actually, I think you might wanna look at your clipboard again. See where it says coven?
Coach Foiler (shocked): You're human?!
Andi: Miami born and raised, WASSUP! *gets a look from the coach* Yeah, I'm human.
Coach Foiler: There's never been a human guardian in the entire history of the realm. Humans aren't even supposed to be in the realm. What makes you think that you can protect it?
Andi: I don't think I can protect it, I know I can. And, I'll do it all while being guardian to the Chosen One. *shooting a smirk at Luke*
Emily (after seeing Ruby cast a spell): So, what are you doing? Practicing your powers?
Ruby (lying): No! I don't have any power, I was just back here looking for a flower! *flour spills all over her* Oh, hahaha, very funny of you.
Emily: I didn't do that; you did.
Ruby: Fine! My powers kicked in. What can I say, I'm a late bloomer I guess.
Emily (suspicious): A late bloomer, or a bad liar? I'm gonna tell everyone.
Ruby (running in front of her): Calm down Emily; geez. *pause* You know the Dyad tree in the Atrium? Somehow, the sap from its roots gives you magical powers.
Emily: You discovered the sap? *Ruby looks at her* I mean, I read all about this in the book of Legends of the Realm. So that's what's in the hidden room, the roots of the tree.
Ruby: Yes.
Emily: And you don't know how to get back in there without magic, do you?
Ruby: No, but I have a whole container full of...wait. Why are you so interested?
Emily (lying): Oh, just because maybe if you had more sap, I could help you out with your magic. We could have so much fun!
Ruby: You'd teach me how to use it?
Emily: Of course; you're my guardian.
Ruby: Deal. But this stays between me and you. No word to anyone, not even your brother.
Emily: You bet.
Luke (to Kim): What's Andi doing here already?
Kim: Foiler's been drilling her all night.
Luke (intrigued): She doesn't back down, does she?
Kim (stifling a laugh): No, backing down is definitely not in her toolbox.
Luke (smiling a little): That's pretty cool.
Andi (surprised): Benny?
Ben (in rocker outfit): What's up Cruzer?
Andi: You look like you're about to go on tour.
Ben: Oh yeah, it's the new, radical me. *takes off sunglasses* You like it?
Andi: Do you like it?
Ben: I don't know; I'm trying what you said. You know, find myself.
Andi: Ben, that person should be someone you want to be, not who you think others want you to be. Also, I'm pretty sure no one wants you to be the leather dude with *grabs his arm* fake tattoos. These are fake tattoos, right?
Ben: I kinda used the rockstar spell.
Andi: You can't solve everything with magic; just be yourself. That way when people like you, they like the real you.
Ben (worried): What if they don't like the real me?
Andi: Then it's their loss. *they hug*


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