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General Information
Nickname Remily
Intimacy Level Friends (strained)
Friendship Started The New Guard
Friendship Status Former Teammates


This is the rivalry/friendship pairing between Ruby Webber and Emily Prescott. They were also Teammates alongside Emily's twin brother, Ethan Prescott.

Remily Moments

Season 1

The New Guard

  • Ruby seems to have more trust in Emily than Ethan.
  • Ruby asks Emily about the team rules.
  • They compete in the first spell trials with Ethan and get first place.

The Jinx

  • Ruby has Emily take charge on casting a teletransportation spell on Andi.

The Root of All Evil

  • Ruby asks Emily and Ethan yo send her back to the place they did in The Jinx.

It Must Be Magic (episode)

  • Ruby believes in Emily having enough magic to open the bottle of magic even though the Dyad Tree has taken most of her strength.


  • They were on the same team; until Ruby was expelled.
  • Emily was the first person Ruby told about the tree sap.


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