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General Information
Nickname Randi
Crebber (last names)
Intimacy Level Enemies
Conflict Started The New Guard
Conflict Status Enemies/Dislike each other

Randi is the pairing between Ruby Webber and Andi Cruz on W.I.T.s Academy.

Randi Moments

Season 1

The New Guard

  • Andi bumps into Ruby, and Ruby tells her to watch where she's going.
  • Ruby seems disgusted to know that Andi makes her own gadgets.
  • Andi tells her and Samantha that she met the old headmaster.
  • Andi accidentally offends Ruby by saying her face is the same look the headmaster gave her.
  • Ruby has her WITS keep an eye on Andi.
  • Andi sees Ruby as an enemy right away.
  • Ruby locks the gym door so Andi and her WITS miss the first test.

The Jinx

  • Ruby threatens Andi after Samantha gets expelled, although Andi tells her she feels bad about it.
  • Ruby creates a lie about Andi being a jinx.
  • Andi tries to place the blame on Ruby.

The Root of All Evil

  • Andi suspects Ruby first of stealing Hex.
  • Ruby spy's on Andi with the Hex.
  • Andi confronts Ruby about taking the Hex.
  • Andi's first instincts lead to Ruby.
  • Ruby decides to keep her secret from Andi.
  • Ruby knows Andi's connection to the hex.

Hide and Go Hex

  • Andi catches Ruby kidnapping the Hex.
  • Andi confronts Ruby.


  • Andi decides to help Ruby even though she's uneasy about it.
  • Ruby decides to ask Andi for help first.
  • Ruby convinces Andi to help her by offering her a reward.

Power Trip

  • Andi is upset with Ruby after she decides to not keep her promise by helping Andi get Jessie's powers back.
  • Andi goes to Ruby's room to ask if she'll return the favor.
  • Andi asks Ruby right away about Jessie's powers to make sure she keeps her promise.

Sparring Partners

  • Ruby watches Andi practice carefully.
  • Ruby oversees Andi with the seniors.

No Pain, No Gain

  • Ruby taunts Andi, asking if she had fun in detention.
  • Andi fights back, saying she's ready for tomorrow's fitness final.
  • Ruby tells her to watch her back, even though Andi ignored her.

Finish Line

  • Ruby decides to sabotage Andi in this episode.
  • Andi automatically blames Ruby for casting a spell on her.
  • Ruby becomes upset when Andi wins the race.

Who's My WIT?

  • She told Emily and Ethan to try and sabotage Andi when she was assigned as their temporary guardian.

Witch Hunt

  • Ruby becomes upset with Andi after finding out she put her WITS in danger.
  • She tries to put a docile spell on Andi, but it ends up hitting herself.

Bizarro Ruby

  • Andi along with Kim help Ruby redecorate her dorm.
  • Ruby asks Andi to help make her dorm into a spa.
  • Andi helps Ruby get back to her normal self.
  • Andi is upset when she finds out Ruby is her normal self again.

Wonky Andi

  • Ruby sends Andi and Leo to the border of the bad realm.
  • Andi knows right away that Ruby sent them there.
  • Ruby comes up with a plan to frame Andi.
  • Ruby creates a magical copy of Andi so no one suspects she's missing.

The Witch's Bottle

  • When Ruby realizes Andi's friends are going to find her, she decides to frame her.
  • She takes pictures of Wonky Andi eating the leaves of the Dyad tree.
  • Ruby has a picture of Andi in her dorm.

On Trial

  • When Andi comes back, she tries to tell Agamemnon what Ruby did to her.
  • Ruby frames Andi for hurting the Dyad Tree.
  • Andi tries to prove that Ruby is lying.
  • Andi knows right away that Ruby set her up.

It Must Be Magic (episode)

  • Andi saves Ruby where Ruby is thankful towards her afterward.
  • Ruby isn't resentful towards Andi teleporting into the tree to save her.
  • Ruby seems relieved even though nervous after Andi arrives.
  • Ruby goes along with Andi's plan on getting out of the Dyad tree.


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