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“Power Trip”
Season 1, Episode 6
Power Trip
Air Date

October 13, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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Power Trip is the sixth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Andi tries to get Jessie's powers back; Jessie befriends Ethan; Ben tries to be like Luke; Ruby begins honing her new powers.



  • Ruby collects a large amount of tree sap from The Dyad Tree and puts it in a jar.
  • This is the final time that Philip's poster is seen in Andi's room.
  • Andi tries to recruit Jessie and Ben to help with her chores, but they both decline.
  • Andi reports the leaves falling from The Dyad Tree to Agamemnon.
  • Ruby doesn't keep her end of the deal and Andi is left to figure out how to get Jessie's powers back herself.
  • Jessie and Ethan bond over Captain El Capitan comics.
  • After Cameron buys a broken lift by mistake, Agamemnon recruits Andi to fix it, and in exchange he will give Jessie her powers back.
  • Agamemnon introduces Coach Foiler to the students of the Academy, who was coincidentally after Andi in Jessie's dream.
  • Luke and his WITs (Gracie and Sean) were all absent in this episode.
  • The Drago Timer from Kamen Rider Wizard on the table can be seen.


Jessie: I just don't understand how we're gonna practice, when I have no powers, and you have to mop the floors.
Ben: She did that already, today is sweeping.
Andi: Relax, I have a solution to both those problems. Today's lesson, teamwork. *hands them brooms*
Jessie: Yeah right.
Ben (elated): I'm your man.
Jessie: What are you so happy about?
Ben (serious): Dust bunnies, are bad bunnies.
Ethan (to Emily, about homework): What'd you get for number eleven? *pause* What did you get for- *sees Jessie holding comic book* Number Eleven!
Emily (confused): Why are you yelling?
Ethan (running over to Jessie): Is that the number 11 of Captain El Capitán: Revenge of the Time-Traveling Mariachis?
Jessie (surprised): You know Captain El Capitán?
Ethan: Know it? I love it! I live it! I mean, I would if I could. Where did you get it?
Jessie: My brother Jax sent it to me; he's a big fan too.
Ethan: Could I, take a quick look after you finish?
Jessie: I don't let this baby out of my sight. *Ethan drops his head* But, we could read it together.
Ethan (ecstatic): Are you serious?
Jessie: Yeah, I wouldn't mind starting over; the beginning is awesome! *he takes a seat down next to her*
Cameron (knocking on Ruby's door): Ruby? It's me, Cameron. Are you okay?
Ruby (under the covers, pretending to be sick): Come in, Cameron.
Cameron (entering): Ruby, just wanted to make sure you were-why is it so dark in here?
Ruby: Don't turn on the light! *fake caughs* It hurts my eyes.
Cameron: Are you okay?
Ruby: I think it was something I ate.
Cameron: Fajitas. Was it the fajitas? I knew they tasted funny.
Ruby: What can I do for you, dear friend?
Cameron: I just wanted to check in on you. Some of the WITS said the big boom came from this area and I thought that-
Ruby (cutting him off): What big boom?
Cameron (puzzled): You didn't hear the big boom?
Ruby: I was napping, in throws and fever; I'm sorry.
Cameron: I thought you said it was something that you ate?
Ruby: Right! It's a *fake coughs* food fever.


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