How romantic.
~ Aggy to Andi and Luke after seeing them holding each other.

“No Pain, No Gain”
Season 1, Episode 8
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October 15, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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No Pain, No Gain is the eighth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Andi must train extra hard for the Guardians' fitness finals; Jessie and Emily's feud escalates; Ruby discovers a risky spell she wants to use on Andi.



  • Luke and Andi warm up to each other.
  • Gracie, Sean, and Ben start a smoothie business.
  • Emily gets mad when Ruby beomces consumed with taking down Andi and practicing magic with the tree sap.
  • Ruby accidently makes herself quite strong.
  • Luke's feelings for Andi grow; after training with her.
  • Coach Foiler acts different with the WITs than she does with the Guardians.
  • Kim is introduced to the Hex in this episode.
  • Sean and Ben almost get busted by Cameron in the cafeteria.
  • Emily steals Jessie's comic book.
  • Ruby discovers the clumsy spell to use on Andi.
  • Emily is going to use the tree sap from The Dyad Tree, to win the duel that she challenged Jessie with.
  • The Groovy Smoothies is an obvious reference to The Groovy Smoothie the place where the iCarly gang always hangs out.


Andi (checking the entrance to the academy): Oh no, we're late.
Luke: And we're in so much trouble.
Andi: We're gonna have to wait for the gates to open in the morning.
Luke: Maybe we can build a campfire, stay warm, and illuminated.
Andi: I don't have anything to start a fire with! *pause* You're not, afraid of the dark, are you?
Luke (scoffing, clearly lying): No, not at all.
Andi (lying): Good, me neither.
Luke: I love the dark. The dark, lightless, pitch black of the night; nothing to worry about.
Emily: Where have you been? I've been looking everywhere for you.
Ruby (proudly): I just ran the entire circumference of the western realm.
Emily: That's like a hundred miles, how did you...*Ruby smiles wide* What did you do?
Ruby: Well, you were so busy practicing, I gave myself a strength spell.
Emily: A strength spell? Do you know how tricky those are?
Ruby: It wasn't that tricky. I think it did it right. Look, I didn't even break a sweat.
Emily: This is the problem! You don't look like you ran a hundred miles. If you ace the test tomorrow with no signs of strain, people will know something's wrong.
Ruby: Oh, you're right.
Emily: Go back to your room and work on how to look normal.
Ruby: Okay coach! *raises hand for a high five, and Emily returns it*
Emily (pulling away, hurt): OW!
Ruby: Sorry.
Emily: That was like, high-fiving a wall of cement! And steel, with iron thrown in there for kicks.
Agamemnon (seeing Andi walk into his office): Miss Cruz, I hope you found your time in the library beneficial.
Andi: You know, just made the most of my time.
Agamemnon: That's refreshing to hear.
Andi: Would you consider putting a rowing machine in there, maybe on the second floor?
Agamemnon: Absolutely not. *stops what he's doing* How can I help you?
Andi: I was just wondering how the dyad tree was doing.
Agamemnon: Well, curiously enough, it seems to have stabilized.
Andi: Oh, that's good news.
Agamemnon: Indeed it is.
Jessie (walking up to Emily and snatching the comic book out of her hand): Where did you get this?!
Emily: I've had it for years.
Jessie: It came out a month ago. You went through my stuff and stole this from me!
Emily (defensive): You're such a liar! But then again, that's not surprising. You Novoas are all liars. *people ooh*
Jessie: You know, it's not surprising your own brother doesn't want to hang out with you; you are not a nice person.
Emily (outraged): That's it, I've had it with you! Today, 3 'clock, I challenge you, to a magic face-off. *more people ooh as Emily walks away*


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