Get ready to say goodbye forever, Andi Cruz.
~ Ruby

“My Buddy from Orlando”
Season 1, Episode 14
Wa.1x14 197764
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October 23, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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My Buddy from Orlando is the fourteenth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Emma seeks out Andi's help to secretly investigate the Dyad tree; Ruby prepares a devastating strike against Andi.



  • Emma Alonso makes a guest appearance.
  • The Dyad Tree has a connection with the Chosen One, and perhaps all witches; it's sickness and injury causes magic to glow on their skin and spread, which would expose witches.
  • The title is how Andi introduces Kim to Emma. Her disguise was Felicia, a witch from Orlando, Florida.
  • At the end of the episode, Emily and Ruby put an exile spell on Andi and Leo.


Kim: Hey Andi! (to Emma) Hi, I'm Kim. *extends hand*
Emma (shaking Kim's hand): Hi! I'm...uh...
Andi: This is Felicia. She's my buddy from Orlando.
Kim: Oh, nice to meet you.
Emma: Yeah, I was just passing through and thought, wow, how long has it been since I've seen Andi?
Andi (after Kim looks at her, confused): You know what, we have to tell her the truth.
Emma (nervous): We do?
Andi (lying): She's thinking about applying to the academy next year!
Kim (quietly): Oh!
Emma (with arms crossed nervously): I am?
Andi (firmly): You are. Well, anyway, I'm just gonna be showing her around for the next couple of days.
Kim: Oh, awesome! *Emma smiles*
Agamemnon: Miss Cruz, I was going-*sees Emma* Oh, hello.
Emma (chewing while hiding her face): Hello.
Andi: Uh, Aggie, I want to introduce you to my friend Felicia. She's thinking about applying to the academy next year.
Agamemnon: Hmm, Headmaster Agamemnon. *extends a hand and Emma shakes it*: It's a pleasure to meet you. My goodness, you bear a striking resemblance-
Emma (cutting him off): To Emma Alonso! I know, I get it all the time!
Agamemnon: No, I was going to say Ramona.
Emma (taken aback): Ramona?
Agamemnon: A former member of the Witches' Council.
Emma: No, I know who Ramona is, I just can't believe that you think-
Andi (changing the subject): Hey! Aggie, how's the Dyad tree doing?
Agamemnon: It stopped bleeding magic for now, but it still seems to be deteriorating. Now, if you'll excuse me. I hope you enjoy your stay at the Academy!
Emma: I'm sure I will. *Andi starts walking* Ramona? *Andi turns to face her* I don't look anything like Ramona!
Andi: Are you serious? Keep eating! *leads her away from the Atrium*
Ruby (walking in, seeing Cameron posing): Cameron, what are you doing?
Cameron: Ruby? I'm just posing for the kids. What do you think; do I look Greek?
Ruby (contemplating): Very much so. Hey, can I borrow Emily?
Cameron: Sure, why?
Ruby: I would love to capture this moment forever, in paint, but I need her to help me lift the canvas.
Cameron (intrigued): Is it portrait size?!
Ruby: Bigger. Like a mural.
Cameron: By all means!
Ruby (with a fake smile): Thank you!
Emily (walking over): We're not really going to paint Cameron are we?
Ruby: No. I need your help with an exile spell that's so powerful, two people are needed to perform it.
Emily (concerned): You've done some crazy stuff Ruby, maybe it's time to let it go.
Ruby: I just went to the roots room and it's been sealed off by some kind of force field. I couldn't break it.
Emily: What?!
Ruby: My thermos is your only hope at restoring your magic powers. You don't want everyone to learn that your powers are weak, do you?

Emily: Okay, what do we do? *Ruby smiles evily*

Leopold Archer (reciting ritual): You are in all thing, great Dyad. The air we breathe. The water we drink. the ground we walk. You are our mother and our father. You nourish us, let us nourish you. Let us replenish you. Dyad tree, use our energy to replace your magic!
Andi (with Emma, walking into the cafeteria): One more burrito for the road?
Emma: They're amazing!
Andi (solemn): Why do you have to leave so soon?
Emma: I wanna check on everyone back in the human world; make sure they're doing okay. *check arm again to make sure magic rash is gone* Thank you! *hugs Andi*
Andi: What are friends for? You would've done the same for me.
Emma: Yes, I would have. *pauses* Look, Luke's a nice guy.
Andi (wary): Wait, what do you mean? Nice as in, 'hey, he'd be a really cool guy to hang out with or, hey, he'd be a really good guardian?'
Emma (honestly): Both. I want you to be my guardian, but if Luke wins top spot at graduation you have to accept it; we both do.
Andi: Nothing's a given, is it?
Emma: No, you have to work hard and earn it.
Andi: Ugh, you see what happens when I'm not around? You get all wise and mature.


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