Magic is a supernatural force that Witches, Wizards, Kanays, and possibly other magical creatures have the ability to use. It manifests as colorful light, smoke, or lightning/static from the user's hands. Most of magic's history is still a mystery but it is assumed it has been around for an extremely long time.

Different Types of Spells Used

Witches often use magic to cast Spells, whether it is for good or bad purposes. It is assumed that magic does not have any limitations and that you can do anything with a spell as long as you can come up with the words. Although magic doesn't just manifest as spells, they also can manifest as powers. The known powers are:

  • Telekinesis- The power to move things with the mind.
  • Teleportation- The power to teleport yourself from one destination to another.
  • Conjuration- The power to conjure something out of mid air.
  • Spell Casting- Most wizards and witches can cast spells on certain things or even humans.
  • Energy Blast- The power to create fireballs and bursts of energy.
  • Invisibility- the power to turn a person or an object invisible.
  • Remote Teleportation- The power to teleport others from one specific place to another.
  • Atmokinesis- The power to control and manipulate the weather.
  • Shapeshifting- The power to change one's shape and form.
  • Transformation- The power to transform an object or person into something else.
  • Animal Transformation- The power to transform an object or person into an animal.
  • Cryokinesis- The power to create or manipulate ice and snow.
  • Remote Viewing- The power to spy on another person or place, and see something from the past.
  • Hypnokinesis- The power to control and manipulate other people's sleep.
  • Cloning- The power to create a duplicate of oneself.

Double Magic

Double Magic is when a witch/wizard who already has powers gains extra magic from another source. Emily possessed double magic when she used some of the tree sap on herself to fight Jessie.

Known Users

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