Cute and feisty, I like it!
~ Luke about Andi in The New Guard

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General Information
Nickname Landi
Intimacy Level Dating
Close Friends
Started Dating It Must Be Magic - Present

Landi was the romantic/rivalry/friendship pairing between Guardians Andi Cruz and Luke Archer.

Landi Moments

Season 1

The New Guard

  • They first meet when Luke stops her from sitting on the bench in the Atrium, saying it's taken by him.
  • She agrees, but he retorts saying he doesn't she her name on it. She snaps at him and says she doesn't see his butt on it.
  • He calls her cute and feisty, which she seems to take offense to.
  • When she says she just got here, he makes a snarky comment about her being a year behind.
  • When Luke tells his team that their names will look great at the top of the board, Andi tells him it would, under her team's names.
  • Luke jokingly calls her team Team So Lame-O.
  • She, angry, calls him Preppy for the first time.
  • Luke tells her about his family's legacy of being guardians to every Chosen One.
  • They formally meet and realize they both want to become the Chosen One's guardian.
  • Luke tell Andi that him and Lily are cousins.

The Jinx

  • Luke tells Andi that she gave a nice speech and hope that it helps.
  • He also tells her that people are still whispering because they are still thinking that Andi is a jinx.
  • Luke doesn't say or believe that Andi is a jinx.

The Root of All Evil

  • Luke teases Andi about her WITS.
  • Andi tells him to drop the attitude, cover the zit on his forehead, and hold her smothie while they go train.
  • And also tells him to stop stealing Ben.
  • Andi brings her WITS outside to pratice to use some of Luke's techniques.
  • Andi admits that her team can learn soomething from him.
  • Andi tells them to keep going with their training, not wanting to stop them.
  • Luke insists it's fine, saying they warm up before practicing.
  • Andi  says her team does to, and Jessie and Ben go along with it.
  • Andi's team copies Luke's team's moves.
  • Andi insist they try the handstand, hich causes Ben to hurt his wrist.
  • Andi tells Luke that Ben is fine when he comes over.
  • Luke feels responsible about what happened to Ben.
  • Luke finds Andi at the tree and asks how he is, and Andi says Ben's a tough kid.
  • Luke goes to Andi apologizing about Ben's wrist.
  • Andi says it's her reponsibility, since Ben is her WIT.
  • He tells her that she is tough, but she doesn't have to be tough all the time for him.

Hide and Go Hex

  • Luke tells Andi that he doesn't want to win when she is disqualified.
  • She tells him back that he already has won like that.


  • Luke tells Andi that her plan of getting Jessie's powers back backfired.
  • Andi convinces Luke to use one of his spell amplifier chargers to help Ruby's wits.
  • Luke looks at Andi before leaving the Training Room.

Sparring Partners

  • Luke helps Andi when Coach Foiler tries to cast a spell on her.
  • Luke invites Andi to train outside the academy.

No Pain, No Gain

  • They realized they're late for curfew and are locked out of the academy. Andi realizes that they're both afraid of the dark
  • Luke suggests creating a fire to stay warm.
  • It is revealed that they both have a fear of the dark.
  • They get scared after hearing something in the bushes, but it is just an armadillo.
  • He apologized for overeating.
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    No Pain, No Gain

  • They hear a roar and yell in unison.
  • Luke and Andi hug out of fear before being transported into Agamemnon's office.
  • They both get detention in the library for breaking curfew.
  • Luke and Andi train in the library together.
  • Andi again says she will break his family's legacy when he again tells her about it.
  • Luke sits close to Andi when showing her a book about his uncle.
    WA1X08 410610
  • Andi is shocked to find out his uncle was guardian to the Principal.
  • Luke is nervous when talking to Andi and prepares what to say to her.
  • Luke offers to carry Andi's books, buy her a lemonade, and walk her to her dorm.
  • Luke tells Andi that they should go out for lunch sometime.
  • Andi declines, saying she already ate, and escorts him out.

Finish Line

  • Luke tries again to ask Andi out, but she invited him for smoothies with Jessie and Ben.
  • After seeing the guardian tool that will be rewarded to the winner, Andi remarks that it's too much bling for Luke, and retorts by saying he could pull it off.
  • Luke seems worried when they call her name and she's no where to be found.
  • Luke tells her his training must have paid off and congratulates her on winning the race and beating the academy record.
  • He think she runs to hug him but is disappointed to see she hugged Jessie and Ben.
  • Andi confesses that she use the Hex to reverse the spell Ruby put on her before the final.
  • Luke is intrigued that Andi would tell him the truth.
  • He smiles after Andi tells him the truth about the Fitness Final.
  • Luke asks Andi on a date.

Who's My WIT?

Screenshot 2015-10-21-21-44-14
  • Andi (at first) thinks he's joking, but he insists he's serious.
  • She tells him they're not "go out material", as she thinks of him like an irritating cousin at Thanksgiving who eats all the paste.
  • After Andi turns him down, he vows that she will go out with him.
  • The next day, they share an awkward look.
  • Luke tells his WITs what happened between him and Andi.
  • Luke tries various things to woo Andi while under a spell.
    • Luke puts flowers all over her bed.
    • He dresses in coveralls and tries to fix an engine.
    • Luke attempts to sing to Andi by playing a song on the guitar.
  • Andi realizes that Luke is trying to woo her.
  • When Luke brings her food, she takes it and slams the door in his face.

Witch Hunt

  • Andi hides from Luke under the table, thinking he is still tring to woo her.
  • Luke tries to explain that he was under a spell, but gets sidetracked after seeing his uncle.
  • Luke again tries to explain his weird behavior but is interrupted by both Emily and his uncle.
  • Andi finally meets Luke's uncle.
  • Luke calls Andi his "friend."
  • He brags about her breaking the obstacle course record because he helped her train.
  • It is revealed that she believes Luke asking her out is part of a game.
  • Andi finds out that Luke was put under a spell by Gracie and Sean.
  • Andi finds out that Luke genuinely really likes her.
  • Before shield testing, Andi walk up to him and makes fun of his shield.
  • Luke is surprised she is talking to him again.
  • She tells him he surprised her when he asked her out.
  • Andi says yes to going out with Luke.
  • Luke is shocked that Andi decided to go on a date with him.
  • They begin to smile at each other.
  • Luke asks if he'll see her later and asks to meet him at 4 o'clock under the tree. She says she'll be there.
  • Not able to stop smiling at Andi, Cameron has to pull him into the gym.
  • During testing Luke is sidetracked explaining his shield after Andi says yes to going on a date with him.
  • Andi decides to wear something special when meeting Luke by the Dyad tree.
  • Luke is upset that he misses meeting Andi after his uncle forces him to work on his shield as a priority.
  • Andi now belives Luke stood her up intentionally.

Bizarro Ruby

  • Luke tries to apologize to Andi.
  • Andi ignores Luke.
  • Luke again tries to explain why he didn't show up last night.
  • Andi tells him they should be focusing on their training anyway.
  • Luke tells Andi that she doesn't understand the pressure he's under to be the guardian to the Chosen One.
  • Andi tells him to stop worrying about what everyone else wants you to be, and that the only pressure he should be under is to be himself.

Her Darkest Secret

  • Luke tells his uncle that he and Andi "aren't anything more than friends."
  • Luke seemed uncomfortable calling Andi his friend.

My Buddy from Orlando

  • Andi introduced Emma as Felicia to Luke.
  • Andi and Luke "insult" each other in the library with Emma.
  • Luke and Andi help heal the Dyad Tree.
  • Luke looks at Andi after the healing ceremony while Andi and Emma hug.
  • Emma tells Andi she is aware of her and Luke mutual feelings for each other.

Wonky Andi

  • Luke talks to Wonky Andi.
  • Luke opens up his feelings toward Wonky Andi.
  • He believed Andi ran to Ruby intentionally, not wanting to talk to him. However, it was Wonky Andi, who likes Ruby's "shiny hair."

The Witch's Bottle

  • Luke helps join a search party for Andi.
  • Luke is worried about Andi safety.
  • Luke is relieved that Wonky Andi wasn't the real Andi.
  • Andi learns that it was Leopold's fault Luke stood her up.
  • Luke helps rescues Andi from the Bad Realm.
  • Luke and Andi immediately hug after she's rescued.
  • Andi thanks Luke for everything.
  • Luke tells her, "I'm Just Glad Your Okay."
  • Luke becomes more protective of Andi.

On Trial

  • Luke is angry with what Ruby did to Andi.
  • Luke says that Andi has a beautiful smile.
  • Luke helps prove Andi is innocent.
  • Luke tells Andi that he is always there for her.
  • Andi thanks Luke for his help in saving her from the Bad Realm and helping her prove she was innocent.
  • Luke is happy that Andi isn't expelled.
  • Luke knows that Andi would never hurt the Dyad Tree.
  • Ruby refers to Andi as Luke's girlfriend.

It Must Be Magic (episode)

  • Luke defends Andi from Ruby by promising to her that she will be the first one out.
  • Andi and Luke fist bump for a "fair" game.
  • Andi and Luke stare at one another deep in thought during the Melee.
    Landi Campire
  • Andi accepts Luke's apology for not making their date and both plan another together.
    Landi kiss
  • Luke tells Andi that he never wanted to cancel their date.
  • Luke opens up to Andi and says "I'm being real".
  • Luke is impressed that Andi won the Melee.
  • Andi insists that she goes inside the tree since she doesn't want Luke to get hurt.
  • Luke doesn't want Andi to put herself at risk by going into the tree, because he doesn't want anything to happen to her.
  • Andi asks Luke if he'll lead the ceremony in healing the tree.
  • During the entire ceremony Andi is staring at Luke.
  • After the tree is healed Andi says Luke has a way with words. He then gets extremely nervous.
  • After getting their medals Andi quickly runs up to Luke and taps his arm asking to talk to him about something very important.
  • Luke says he still feels the same feelings for Andi when they first met.
  • Andi is staring and smiling at Luke during the entire conversation.
  • When Andi said something is missing, she was referring to not having Luke around.
  • Andi says "It's something I've wanted to try but was too afraid to do", meaning she's had a crush on Luke for long while and wanted to kiss him.
  • Andi reveals her true feelings towards Luke.
  • Andi leans in and kisses Luke.
  • Luke is smiling at Andi after they kiss.

Similarities and Differences


  • They're are guardians in training.
  • They both have strong feelings for each other.
  • They both are protective of each other.
  • Both want to be Emma's Guardian.
  • They both are afraid of the dark.
  • They're both each others pet peeves.
  • They both are enemies with Ruby.


  • Luke comes from a long line of guardians to the Chosen One, while Andi does not.
  • Luke is a powerless wizard,  and Andi is a human.
  • Andi plays games like Zombie Apocalypse 3, while he does not.


  • They become a couple in the finale It Must Be Magic (episode).
  • Luke thinks she is cute and has a beautiful smile.
  • Andi calls him Preppy. (as a nickname)
  • They both want to be the Chosen One's guardian.


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  • Round and Round - Selena Gomez
  • Heart Attack - Demi Lovato
  • Stutter - Maroon 5
  • Let It Rain - JoJo
  • Levels - Nick Jonas
  • She's Not Afraid - One Direction
  • I'm Into You - Jennifer Lopez
  • Glad You Came - The Wanted
  • State of Grace - Taylor Swift
  • You're So Beautiful (90s Version) - Empire Cast feat. Terrence Howard
  • Why Don't We Fall in Love - Amerie
  • I Found - Amber Run


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