Rumor has it Cameron saw you talking to a bookshelf, in the library. He thought you cracked under pressure.
~ Luke to Andi

“Hide and Go Hex”
Season 1, Episode 4
Hide and Go Hex (1)
Air Date

October 8, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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The Root of All Evil



Hide and Go Hex is the fourth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Andi and Jessie search for Hex; the Blockers competition commences; Ruby hunts for a spell that will return her to the secret roots room.



  • Ruby, with the help of Ethan and Emily, was able to steal the Hexoren.
  • Luke invites Ben to train with his team.
  • Andi's team was disqualified from the Blockers finals when Cameron discovered that Jessie casted a healing spell on Ben's wrist, causing it to have more pain.
  • Agamemnon takes away Jessie's powers.
  • Luke (who won first place with his WITs) apologizes to Andi and Jessie, telling them that he didn't want to win that way, but Andi shoves his apology away.
  • Emily and Ethan get suspicious of Ruby's urgency to get the hidden discovery spell.
  • After completing their blockers exam, Ruby and her WITs go to Agamemnon's office in search of the Hidden Discovery Spell.
  • Andi finds out that Ruby kidnapped Hex.


Cameron (after falling, and seeing Ethan and Emily in Ruby's room): What are you guys doing in here?
Ruby: We were...playing a game of...of, "Do What Ruby Says."
Cameron (excited): Can I play next?
Ruby: You know, it's been a long day; we can play again tomorrow. *she puts her arms around the twins* Great work. Remember, the key to being a good WIT is listening. *she then guides them out of her dorm room*
Andi (calling to Hex): This is an emergency! *begins crawling on the floor, looking for Hex*
Agamemnon (in a red kimono): Miss Cruz. *she sees him and stands up* May I ask what pray tell you are looking for?
Andi: May I ask pray tell what you're wearing?
Agamemnon: Oh. I was in the midst of my daily meditation where I heard of a student, terrorizing the halls. *eyes Andi*
Andi: Sorry I had to ask. Gotta go, bye! *stops and turns around* You look great in red, by the way.
Agamemnon (a little taken aback): Oh, thank you.
Ruby: Emily, go ahead.
Emily: I'm a little drained from Blockers. (to Ethan) Would you mind?
Ethan: Not at all. *casts the spell* Inside this cabinet is a spell we need, so open it up with incredible speed. What? Why didn't it work? Must be some kind of force field.
Emily (reading label on the cabinet): Mark 4 Cabinet, with Anti-Open lock. If they try and break in, it'll be a shock.
Ethan: Hmm. I wonder what that means. *tries to open it and gets shocked* Never mind.


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