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“Her Darkest Secret”
Season 1, Episode 13
Air Date

October 22, 2015

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Johnny Hartmann


Arturo Manuitt

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Her Darkest Secret is the thirteenth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Andi competes in the shield trials and assists Leo in apprehending the fugitive; Emily shares a secret with Ruby.

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  • Coach Foiler steals Andi's amulet.
  • Agamemnon switched the WITs back to their original teams before the shield trials.
  • Emily tells Ruby what happened the day earlier and that she threw out the tree sap.
  • Andi enlists in Leo's help to take down Foiler and recover her amulet.
  • Luke sadly tells his uncle that he and Andi are no longer friends, or anything more.
  • Emily tells Ruby about when she first found the room where the roots of the Dyad Tree.
  • Ethan begins to feel left out of the group as Ruby and Emily are secretive about the tree sap.
  • Leo and Andi discover the Dyad tree room.
  • Leo, Agamemnon, and Andi think that the Dyad Tree's sickness and injury are due to Ms. Foiler.
  • The Dyad tree begins to wither away after Ruby refills her jar.
  • At the end of the episode, Emma makes a cameo, when she comes to Andi, saying that she's in danger and that she needs help.


  • This marks the return of Emma Alonso. Although, she only makes a cameo, at the end of the episode.


Leo (following tracking device): Foiler's on the move. She tele-transported.
Agamemnon: She's on the run?
Leo: No, just outside of the academy. Maybe this is where she hides her loot. Wait *checks device* I lost her signal; something's blocking it.
Cameron (worried): What if she's on to us? She's probably getting some kind of Doomsday device out of her hideout to destroy the academy! *Leo and Aggie give him funny looks* I uh, confiscated a Captain El Capitan comic from Jessie; they're pretty scary.
Ethan (after casting a spell): Don't you think it's kind of weird that we have to go up against Andi? She's pretty cool.
Emily (not amused): Really? *casts spell* First Jessie now Andi? Why don't you just switch teams? *casts a spell and her magic fades*
Ethan (concerned): What just happened? Why don't you have any magic?
Emily (nervously): I do, it's just I put too much into the last spell. You know, like when the Captain fires his phaser before it's fully recharged?
Ethan (upset): Seriously Em? *puts hands on hips*
Emily (scared he knows she's lying): What?
Ethan: The captain doesn't use a phaser, he has ninja stars, duh!
Andi (walking with Leo to Stone Gardens): This is kinda exciting. We're like a buddy cop movie, you know? Like I'm the super-cool agent and you're the sidekick.
Leo (looking at her sternly): I'm the sidekick?
Andi: Hello? I am so not sidekick material.
Leo: These are the right coordinates. This is where I lost her signal. Look for a trap door. *He finds it and opens it, showing a vortex of some kind*
Andi: Whoa! How did you do that?
Leo: Sharp instincts combined with years of training. *Andi gives him a look* Alright, I got lucky.
Andi: Well we have the hurry. The shield trials start in like 30 minutes.
Leo (stopping her from running it): Whoa whoa, I run point on this operation. Stay behind me.
Andi (after he walks away): He is so fired as my sidekick.
Emily (to Ruby, about Andi and Leo): Do you think they'll come back?
Ruby: You heard what they said, they have to take Foiler back before she gets her powers "unmuffled." How did you discover this place?
Emily: It was our first week here. Ethan and I were playing hide and seek. I tried to climb one of the stone murals when- *sees Ruby take out a jar* What are you doing?
Ruby: Making sure we never have another power outage.
Emily (stressing): Ruby, don't take too much; you don't need it. You can always come back. Please!
Ruby: Now that Andi and Mr. Archer know about this place, no way! I will never run out of power again.


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