Yeah well, you know me Aggy: I like breaking things.
~ Andi to Agamemnon about breaking the obstacle course record

“Finish Line”
Season 1, Episode 9
Air Date

October 16, 2015

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Johnny Hartmann


Arturo Manuitt

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No Pain, No Gain


Who's My WIT?

Finish Line is the ninth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


The Guardians' fitness finals have arrived; Jessie and Emily duel; Luke and Andi grow closer; Ruby's spell on Andi goes horribly wrong.



  • Ethan saves Jessie from Emily's spell, and in turn gets hit with it.
  • Samantha makes her last appearance in this episode.
  • Ruby finds out Emily took some tree sap.
    • Emily then confesses that her powers are weak and she wanted to make them stronger.
  • Luke tries again to ask Andi out, but it backfires when she invites him for smoothies with Jessie and Ben.
  • Ruby forces Emily to use a clumsy spell on Andi.
  • Andi's team win the obstacle course record.
  • Andi admits to Luke that she had to use the Hex to reverse the spell put on her before the race.
  • Luke finally asks Andi out.


Jessie: You took my comic book. Big mistake.
Emily: You called me an alien robot monkey. Even bigger mistake.
Jessie: You covered me in mud. Biggest mistake.
Emily: You turned my bed into a cream bath. Big, bigger, biggest mistake of all.
Ethan: I think you guys are running out of mistake sizes.
Ruby (grabbing Emily by the arm and pulling her aside): I can't believe you stole from me.
Emily: Stop being so dramatic; you stole from the tree.
Ruby: It's a tree, it doesn't mind. It's like taking honey from a bee hive.
Emily: Uh, the bees would mind.
Ruby: Don't be a smart aleck.
Coach Foiler: My darling witches and wizards in training, today you will be faced with a series of challenges. Some require magic, others require physical strength. But, both require teamwork; I know you can do it! *yeling* And guardians if these WITS fail it's because of you.
Cameron (adding): Because of you!! *everyone looks at him* Sorry, I just, got excited.
Luke: Apparently, I trained you well.
Andi (out of breath): What are you talking about?
Luke: You set a new record.
Andi (surprised): Oh, we did. I mean, course we did. *runs to Jessie and Ben* We did it guys! We won our first challenge!
Emily: They won?! I knew we should've used more-
Ethan: More what?
Ruby (angry): More practice. We should've used more practice.


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