Emma Alonso
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Full Name

Emma Alonso


Em (By Andi)
Miss Alonso (By Agamemnon)
Felicia (Disguise Name)
Miss Chosen One (By Ben)




c.1999 (age 17)

Resides In

Miami, Florida


The Chosen One


Iridium High


Jax Novoa (Boyfriend)


Andi Cruz (Best Friend)
Jessie Novoa (Good Friend)
Ben Davis (Friend)
Luke Archer (Friend)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Dark Brown



First Seen

Her Darkest Secret

Last Seen

My Buddy from Orlando

Portrayed By

Paola Andino

Emma Alonso was the main protagonist on the show Every Witch Way, which preceded W.I.T.s Academy. She was a guest character and first appeared at the end of Her Darkest Secret, leading onto her appearance on My Buddy from Orlando. She tells Andi that she's in danger and needs her help.

Emma was rumored to revisit for the season finale, It Must Be Magic. However, she, Jake, and Jax were only mentioned by Jessie and Andi later on in the episode.

She is portrayed by Paola Andino.

Physical Appearance

Emma appearance is similar to Season 4 of Every Witch Way, she has olive toned skin, clothes that are bright, cheerful, and colorful, her hair is curly and brown, her eye color is a dark shade of brown, and her lips are the normal shade of hot pink.


Andi Cruz

Best Friend/Guardian

Andi was the first person Emma met upon moving to Miami, and the first one to discover that she's a witch. They quickly became best friends. Emma then sent her to WITS Academy to train to be her guardian. She seeks Andi's help when a magical rash appears on her arm. They soon learn she has a connection to the Dyad Tree, which is sick and participates in a ritual that heals the tree temporarily.

Jessie Novoa

Good Friend

Emma and Jessie seem very happy seeing each other again, after not seeing each other since Jessie left for WITS Academy. It is shown Jessie still looks up to Emma. Emma likes her and Ben, especially as they are Andi's WITS, and wants the team to win the Magic Melee.

Luke Archer


Luke has always wanted to see Emma, as he wishes to be her guardian. He seems to be friendly to Emma, as does she. It is shown she supports Landi.

Ben Davis


Ben looks up to Emma. He calls her Miss Chosen One, showing he respects her. Emma likes him and Jessie, especially as they are Andi's WITS, and wants the team to win the Magic Melee.


  • She supports/ships Landi.
  • She wants Andi to be her guardian, proved in previous episodes of Every Witch Way and My Buddy From Orlando.
  • The majority of guardians in the academy (like Luke and Andi ) are striving for the top prize: to be her guardian.


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