“Cameron Rules”
Season 1, Episode 18
Air Date

October 29, 2015

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Zach Luna


Arturo Manuitt

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It Must Be Magic (episode)

Cameron Rules is the eighteenth episode of W.I.T.s Academy.


Cameron and Ruby get in over their heads when they try to get out of trouble with Agamemnon; Emily and Jessie must save Ethan; the students prepare for the Magic Melee.



  • Ruby decides to erase Agamemnon's memory so that she and her team can participate in the Magic Melee.
  • Kim apologizes to Andi for her behavior in the previous episode.
  • Emily asks for Jessie's help to free Ethan.
  • Cameron and Ruby sneak into Agamemnon's office.
  • Ruby turns Agamemnon into a stone statue.
  • Emily takes Jessie to the Roots Chamber.
  • Jessie and Emily free Ethan from the Roots Chamber.
  • Cameron and Ruby decide to run the Academy secretly until the spell on Agamemnon is worn off.
  • Kim apologizes to her Wits for pushing them too hard.
  • Andi discovers the Dyad tree is rotting away.
  • Everyone begins training for the Magic Melee.
    • Luke discovers an invisibility spell.
    • Andi's team work on a karate spell.
    • Kim creates a special detector that reveals whenever someone is approaching.
  • Andi keeps trying to warn Agamemnon that the Dyad is sick again, but doesn't get the chance.
  • In order to help Cameron run the Academy, Ruby lies saying her punishment for trying to expel Andi is to be Agamemnon's secretary.
  • Emily and Ethan stand up to Ruby and reveal they want a new guardian.
  • Ruby reveals to Cameron the Dyad tree sap that allows her to have temporary magical powers.
  • Ruby turns Cameron into Agamemnon to give his speech for the Magic Melee.
  • Agamemnon returns.
  • Agamemnon allows Ruby's team to participate in the Magic Melee.
  • Cameron offers to look after the Tree sap.
  • Andi discovers the tree sap in Cameron's room.




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